Emoji speaking Albanian

It’s called Sticky and it’s one of the coolest Albanian apps.

Emojis, or pictures are inevitable in our communication on social networks. For some it doesn’t make sense, others just use it to get tired of writing, and others have their favorite emoji that they use more often and symbolize different behaviors.

This app brings the most fun expressions we use in our daily lives to pictures or stickers.

This is the second app by Tomi Kalanxhi after Shpi.al. (Shpi.al offers a solution where consumers can access the latest news online about homes, apartments or shops that are for sale and beyond.)

These are the 17 special emoji Stickers currently has:

“Based on the events or holidays we have the app will continue to get rich with new adhesives,” Tomi told Business Magazine.

Adhesives is an app for iPhone and iPad users.

To use these images, download the app here: https://bit.ly/2IHAxIe

SOURCE: businessmag.al